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Sniffyz Scratch and Sniff Cards

Sniffyz creates 'Scent-sational Collectibles'. We specialise in creating unique products centred around the sense of smell. Our first product range, Sniffyz Scratch and Sniff Trading cards, is just the beginning of our exciting journey in the world of Scent-ertainment. Fun is at the heart of everything we do, with quirky characters, stories and puns to bring joy to your senses. We create fun collectible items that people of all ages, from 5 to 105, can collect, enjoy and share. Stay tuned for more scented surprises, as we have several other product ranges in the pipeline. Embrace the world of Sniffyz and let your sense of smell lead you to a world of excitement. We are proud to say that here at Sniffyz, we really stink!

There are 70 Sniffyz characters in Season 1, all with their own unique scratch and sniff scent, puns and story.

There are over 180 cards to collect, with 70 scratch and sniff character cards, 50 Punzle game cards and 50 special Sniffyz cards which can be shiny, holographic, metallic or neon.

Each pack of Sniffyz contains 6 cards. 4 are Sniffyz scratch and sniff character cards, 1 is a special card, and one is a Punzle game card. /p>

Sniffyz cards hold their scents very well and depending on how much you scratch and sniff them, the scent can last for months and even years. The Collectors Album also provides extra protection to your cards by providing individual pockets to protect them and their scents.

Here at Sniffyz, we have developed over 70 bespoke and unique fragrances. We did this to ensure that we use the best quality ingredients that guarantee the perfect scent. The team uses a process called micro-encapsulation which delivers the perfect scent to every card. Micro-encapsulation encapsulates the fragrance oil in tiny beads so that it can then be applied to the cards. When scratched the tiny beads burst and the scent is released, Depending on how often the card is scratched, Sniffyz scents can last months or even years. And that is why we say that here at Sniffyz, we really stink!

Yes. Sniffyz products are recommended for children 5 and over. All products are designed and tested to ensure they meet the UK UKCA and European CE certification, and also conform to the strict EU Toy Directive safety standards for toys, materials and fragrances.

Sniffyz fragrances are individually formulated and curated to ensure they meet toy directive guidelines ensuring that all Sniffyz products are safe for children from ages 5 to 105.

Yes, Sniffyz cards and the flow-wrapping packaging are recyclable. The flow wrapping is an environmentally friendly paper wrap and can be recycled at home.

Scent-sational Collectibles

A new category has been born - Scent-sational Collectibles. It is an exciting category which introduces a unique and engaging collection of products that appeal to the senses and offer a delightful twist to traditional collectibles. This category features a diverse range of items such as trading cards, scratch and sniff stickers, and many others., each infused with captivating scents. Sniffyz has several more product ranges coming soon as it leads the category.

Unlike conventional collectibles, Scent-sational Collectibles aim to create a multisensory experience, combining the joy of collecting with the pleasure of captivating fragrances. This innovative line of products provides collectors with a novel and aromatic way to enjoy their favorite items, making the act of collecting not only visually and tactically satisfying but also aromatic and memorable.

New Sniffyz products ranges are coming soon. We have several new scent based collectible ranges coming in 2024. Rest assured, all the new products will really stink!

Scent-sational Collectibles by Sniffyz represent a distinctive product range characterized by the fusion of collectible items with captivating scents and a mix of pun-fun. The collection includes a variety of products, stickers and accessories that have been enhanced with carefully curated and intriging fragrances. The aim of Scent-sational Collectibles is to provide consumers with a unique and immersive experience by combining the joy of collecting with the humor of puns, unique characters the the added sensory pleasure of our Sniffyz scents. These products stand out in the market as they engage multiple senses, creating a memorable and enjoyable collecting experience that goes beyond traditional visual and tactile aspects.

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Yes we do. All orders are currently shipped from the UK, however there are plans to set up fulfilment centres in the USA and EU in 2024.

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Free shipping is available on orders over a set value as follow: UK: £40+, Europe: £100+ USA (mainland): £150+, R.O.W.: £200+

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