Introducing Sniffyz, the leader in Scent-sational Collectibles.
Sniffyz Season 1 is a scratch and sniff trading card collection that blends laughter, puns and smells!

There are 70 original characters to collect. Each Sniffyz character is accompanied by their own unique smell and personality, with their own story and puns to match. Each pack of Sniffyz contains 6 cards. 4 of these are scratch and sniff Sniffyz characters cards, 1 is a special edition character card and 1 is a Sniffyz Punzle wordplay game card. You never know what each pack holds, so fingers crossed you get the characters you need for your collection or maybe on that super rare card everyone is looking for.

Collect all the characters, scratch, sniff and swap with your friends, and embark on a pun-gent adventure.

Welcome to Sniffyz World!